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A Friday at Willow Tree Kindergarten

We started by making lanterns for next weeks lantern walk and cutting the vegetables for our soup and then we began playing. The children made an enormous puppet show with animals, beaches and people, while also building a rocket and learning about sharing resources. After tidying these up and having our soup, we went out to the garden to play in the sunshine, and make use of our fire.

We made dampers - little balls of dough to cook over the fire on willow sticks that we had cut from our tree and we cooked these over the embers. When they were done we dipped them in our kindergarten jam and we loved eating them.

When all the dough had been cooked and the embers were just glowing red we played in the garden, the children were drawing with chalks, mending our swing and making a ladder for a new slide. The children made use of the natural resources in the garden, climbing on trees and making cakes in the mud kitchen.

We finished our morning sitting together around one of our lanterns and listening to The Boy who wanted to be carried and we ended our Friday morning quietly after all the adventurous learning that we had had.

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