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Willow Tree Family

Families at the Willow Tree come together in such a positive and supportive way, meaning that the children are held in a very loving, safe community of adults. The children are familiar with all the parents, and friendships blossom between families. We all come together for regular workdays at the Kindergarten, modelling to the children our strength and joy in joining together to work for the good of all. The mutual support amongst families in this small community is a very special aspect of joining The Willow Tree Kindergarten.

Wider Steiner Community

The Willow Tree Kindergarten is one of a number of Steiner communities in Bristol. The oldest, Bristol Steiner School (Redland) includes the Rowan Tree Kindergarten. There are many families who have been involved with more than one school and staff have experience across schools. Willow Tree  endeavours to maintain good connections with these schools so that we can all serve our communities well, and support the various festivals and events held by the different schools.


Our Green Surroundings

The Willow Tree Kindergarten has the great fortune of being located in the urban-rural haven of Ashley Vale, part of the thriving inner city oasis that is St Werburgh’s. We couldn't be better placed within a city environment to access green spaces, horticulture and wildlife.

The Kindergarten backs onto 13 acres of allotments and the children are often taken on walks to the Community gardens, Narroways and the City Farm. Some of the Willow Tree festivals take place in and around these green spaces, such as the Midsummer celebrations up at Narroways, and the Easter egg hunt and Lantern walk around the community gardens. During the late Spring and Summer terms Willow Tree make visits to The Garden (when their education programme is not running) - a private, wild outdoor space to explore and be in nature. Occassionally we may take a trip a little further to larger woodlands in Bristol.

Local Learning

St Werburghs City farm offers opportunities to all ages- most enjoyable of course is having close contact with animals and seeing how they are cared for. We are very lucky to have the farm a short walk away. Spring is the most exciting time with the arrival of piglets, lambs, kid goats, chicks and ducklings! There is an award winning, family friendly café boasting exceptional food sourced from the farm and surrounding allotments.

The surrounding areas include several excellent primary schools; St Werburghs, Glenfrome and Sefton Park, to name a few. We have a never ending source of creative inspiration from the Children's Scrap Store and our staff benefit from various CPD trainings offered by BAND, located around the corner. The St. Werburghs Climbing Centre is close by offering sessions for young children adn adults.


Friends in the Community

We know many of our immediate neighbours, and there are occasions where we will share things that we have made or gathered at festivals, with our friends on neighbouring streets. We also like to thank the group of adults with learning difficulties & mental health concerns, who tend the community gardens by baking and gifting them biscuits. Helping the children to participate in our local community is an important part of our working and learning together, nurturing kindness, empathy and helpfulness.

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