Willow Tree Kindergarten Staff (st Werburghs)

Elodie Rummage

Lead Teacher and Kindergarten Manager


Elodie has been working at the Willow Tree since the autumn 2013 while also studying to be a kindergarten teacher. She has a level 5 qualification in Steiner Early Years and teaches 5 mornings a week at Willow Tree. Prior to her Steiner training she worked in a primary school as afternoon club manager and a one to one assistant in the Reception class. From this she gained training and experience in Special Education Needs and in organising and managing a setting. Elodie has also volunteered to work for Forest School Camps since 2000 and has much experience of learning through doing, in an outdoor environment.

Pippa Gibbins



Pippa is a trained Steiner Class teacher who has worked a the Willow Tree Kindergarten as an assistant for the past 4 years. She has also completed a Holistic Baby and Child Care Course that uses the Steiner (Waldorf) and Pikler model as an holistic adjunct to early child education. Before coming to the kindergarten, Pippa was a Handwork Teacher at the Meadow Steiner School in Bruton and now enjoys creating beautiful crafts with the children at Willow Tree. She is a Needle felt artist and mother to 3 boys who are all Steiner educated in Bristol.



Afternoon Teacher 


Parent & Child 

                                    Group leader 

Willow Tree Little Kindergarten Staff (Fishponds)



 Lead Teacher


Floredia sm.jpg


Deputy Teacher & SENCO


Floredia joined the Willow Tree Little Kindy in September 2018. She has been involved with Steiner
education for 20 years, since her first son joined the Rowan Tree KG. The other two followed and all
three went through the Bristol Steiner School (BSS) from KG to Main School. For the last 10 years,
she has worked as a classroom Assistant, initially at BSS Main School and then at the Rowan Tree KG.
After that, she worked for 3 years as a KG Assistant at the Steiner Academy in Fishponds, when it
first opened. She has a Level 3 Diploma in EY and Young People workforce. She is passionate about
unhurried childhood, loves being part of the Steiner community in Bristol, supporting children and
young families (both as a Steiner EY practitioner, but also as a volunteer breastfeeding counsellor)
and immersing herself in kindergarten life and craft projects.


Sara Canemero-Escobar

Teaching Assistant


Rose Douglas

Teaching Assistant

Inga Dinham

Willow Tree Administrator


Inga joined the Willow Tree in July 2014, following 6 years working in education recruitment.   

Willow Tree Trustees

Jo Photo_edited.jpg

Joanne lovemore

Chair of Trustees

Jo is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, running a private practice in Bristol. Prior to this her professional background was in writing and communications, mainly for environmental NGOs. She is mother to two daughters aged six and three who both attended / attend the Willow Tree parent and child groups and the Little Kindergarten.


Jessica Dicks


Jan coles

Child Protection Officer

Jan founded the Willow Tree with a group of parents in January 2010. She has a Steiner Waldorf Early Years Diploma graduating in 1996.  She taught for many years at the Rowan Tree Kindergarten, part of the Bristol Steiner School. She is a mother of three who, all went through BSS from kindergarten to the age of 14. She is also now a grandmother. Having managed and been the lead teacher at the Kindergarten until 2016, Jan ran the Parent and Child groups from 2016 - 2020.