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The Willow Tree year

The kindergarten year follows the cycle of the seasons highlighted by festivals that have traditionally marked key points of the year. As the child grows up in the Willow Tree they will experience the year and its festivals differently; in their first year as a three year old, they are filled with awe and wonder, in their second year they remember the themes from their first year and have grown in confidence to join in with activities and games, and in their third and final year they are the leaders of the class, taking on new challenges and showing younger children how to participate. 


In September, when the greatest numbers of new three year olds join, we have a reflective time, honouring the harvest and preparing ourselves for the storms of winter. With the calming scent of lavender and the sweet taste of jam we settle our new children and build friendships to last the kindergarten years.


After many autumn and winter festivals we find ourselves in spring, this is a time for new beginnings as we spend more time outdoors, planting things to grow in the garden and the allotment. With the freshness of the season we put our energy into making new things.


In summer, with a confident and excited group of children we have a season for fairy tale adventures, fires and finishing things we have done over the year. This colourful season has trips to the woods for adventures, picnics in the garden or further away on walk days.

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