Admissions Policy


The Willow Tree Kindergarten provides Steiner Waldorf Early Years education based on the philosophy of Rudolph Steiner. The school aims to be socially inclusive and does not practise selection on the basis of academic ability, gender, race or religion.


The Willow Tree Kindergarten is a mainstream setting.


  • It admits children with Special Needs where it has the appropriate facilities and resources available and where it is in the best interest of both the child and the existing class.

  • It admits children with disabilities where it has the appropriate facilities and resources available.

  • It admits children who are three, four or five years old. When space is available children who are two and a half or more will be offered a space.



Admissions to the Willow Tree Kindergarten are conducted by a formal application process consisting of a written application. If the child is accepted it is followed by an education meeting with the child and parents. A business meeting completes the application process.


  • Education meetings for September are normally conducted the previous Spring

  • Education meetings for mid-year intakes are conducted as soon as possible after the application unless there is no vacancy

  • If there is no vacancy the applicant will be given the option of joining a waiting list

  • Education meetings are conducted by the kindergarten teacher, a Trustee or a kindergarten assistant may be present

  • The decision to admit a pupil is made by the Trustees

  • Where it is clear from the initial written application that the application is inappropriate, it may be refused without an interview


All applications to the Willow Tree Kindergarten are decided on individual merit. Criteria taken into account in the decision making process include:


  • Any referrals and reports by previous settings or other educational or health professionals concerning the child

  • The individual needs of the child, educational, emotional, social and behavioural, and the ability of the Willow Tree Kindergarten to meet them.

  • The educational, emotional, social and behavioural needs of the children in the existing kindergarten group.

  • The willingness of the parents to support the Willow Tree Kindergarten in its aims and objectives and their practical application in regard to their child.

  • Whether the child is out of nappies; the kindergarten does not have nappy changing facilities and can only admit children in nappies if they are in pull ups and can manage to take themselves to the toilet.



Applications for the following year that are received by the 15th January will by prioritise on the waiting list. Where spaces are available applicants after this time will be invited to meet the teacher and may be offered a place.



Waiting lists for the Willow Tree Kindergarten are operated using the following criteria:


  • First priority is given to children of staff of the Willow Tree Kindergarten.

  • Second priority is given to siblings of children already attending the Willow Tree Kindergarten or siblings of children who previously attended Willow Tree Kindergarten, subject to approval by the Trustees.

  • Other applications are ranked by distance from Kindergarten and organised in terms of eligibility depending on where the birthday falls in relation to the start of the academic year in September.


Class size


The Willow Tree has a maximum of 18 children per session aged between 3 and 6+ years. On the register there will be a maximum of 25 children with up to 4 children being aged 5+. Where there is space and readiness to start early, children who are almost 3 will be considered for a place but will not attend for more than 3 morning sessions until they are 3.




On the offer of a place, families must pay a deposit of £150 in order to secure that place for their child.  The deposit will be refunded following a child’s exit from Kindergarten, provided full payment has been provided, and the family have provided full notice (please see exit policy).  Where families subsequently decide not to take up the place prior to their child starting Kindergarten, the deposit will be retained by Willow Tree Kindergarten.


Deposits will be kept in a separate bank account, and families will receive a receipt of payment.

For information on fees please contact the administrator on

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