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Rumble in the Jumble!

On Sunday 5th March, Willow Tree hosted a Jumble sale at the Wild Goose Space in St Werburghs. Bags and bags of jumble had been gathered by families and their friends, cakes had been baked, iced and decorated, and willing helpers created an exciting space full of tresures to be found. As visitors impatiently entered with their elbows sharpened for some bargains, the space became alive with rummaging, trying on, and laughter, as friends met, cake was eaten and the money tin began to fill!

Some delicious cakes filled the tummies of both children and adults, and the tea flowed. One of our parents Ros painted children's faces, and we were treated to an acoustic set by The Schmoozenbergs who got feet tapping and children dancing amongst clothes rails and tables of cake.

By the end of the afternoon, as people left with armfuls of new clothes, books, toys, and other miscillaneous treasures, the remaining jumble was packed away to go to charity shops, the cake crumbs were swept up and the lights switched off, the exhausted but happy helpers counted £488! Thank you to all who came and helped and shopped, we are so grateful everyone's input to raise fudns for the Willow Tree Kindergarten.

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