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Willow Tree Fishponds Kindergarten opened in September 2017 as a satellite setting to Willow Tree St Werburghs. This setting is for children who are ready to leave their parents for a little while, in a calm and peaceful environment, which very gently bridges the gap between the Parent and Child Group and entering school from the age of 4. Care is taken to sensitively support the process of separating from parents and settling in to a community group, with an awareness that the needs of each child and family will be different.


The warm and homely environment has a daily structure similar to the Willow Tree Kindergarten, St Werburghs, though the activity, ring time and story are simpler to reflect the needs of this particular age group. During the morning the children engage in creative play, baking, painting, simple crafts, gardening, singing, games and stories. The rhythm of the year and seasonal festivals play an important part of the Little Kindy, in such a way that is comfortable for this age group.


At Willow Tree Fishponds there is a strong emphasis on play, working together and supporting children to develop awareness and care for other people and the world around them. Learning can flourish in a calm, unhurried environment, which recognises the child's sensory sensitivities. The regular rhythms and routines of the sessions allow the children to feel safe and relaxed. Activities are age appropriate and meaningful, promoting concentration, perseverance, dexterity, coordination and creativity, as well as cognitive and language development.


The children can learn and develop skills by imitating the adults working alongside. Play equipment is made from natural materials and is designed to be as ‘open-ended’ as possible - maximising the potential for creative play and physical development.  Both child-led play and adult-led activities help children to develop self-confidence and creative abilities, as well as learning to follow an adult's lead and participating in a group. The repetition over several weeks of activities, songs, rhymes and stories encourages the development of memory, competence, confidence and understanding. There are extensive daily opportunities for free play and exploration indoors and outside in the garden.


Willow Tree Fishponds is open five mornings per week with up to 18 children attending each session. The morning runs from 8.30am - 12.30pm, Monday-Friday. We also offer lunch and afternoon care from 12.30-15.30 on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays.


Attending the Willow Tree Fishponds Kindergarten has no bearing on your eligibility for the Avanti School.



Kate Harvey Finance Administrator 

Tel: 07355 512 009

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